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Insurance Rentals

•Cars cost $30.00 per day depending on use

•Minivans cost $40 per day.
*70 miles per day or 500 miles per week are free, additional miles cost $.10 per mile

General Terms and Conditions

1. Rolfes Inc. dba Select Motors has no insurance on rental vehicles and does not provide insurance on rental vehicles. Renter must have Full Coverage insurance with $100,000/$300,000 bodily injury liability limits and $100,000 property damage liability limits (also known as 100/300/100 insurance).

2. No drinking and driving, no smoking, and no pets are allowed in the rental vehicle. There will be a $150.00 cleaning charge if anyone smokes in the vehicle.
3. Renter must operate vehicle in a normal fashion. Damages to the rental vehicle due to abuse, physical or mechanical will be billed out at the renter's expense.
4. If you have an accident that is your fault, you will owe your deductible at the time the rental is completed.
5. Rental can not be driven by anyone that is not on your insurance policy.
6. Terms net 30 days. An interest rate of 18% will be charged on all past due accounts.
7. If the renter's insurance is cancelled and/or is dropped for any reason, the rental must be returned immediately.
8. No gas refunds. Please return the rental vehicle with approximately the same amount of gas when taken out.
9. All parking and traffic tickets are the renter's responsibility.

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